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Roulette Myths.

Roulette has many myths and urban legends surrounding it, therefore it would be good to avoid these so you can begin your game in ease. Some of the myths are as follows.The most well-known myth is that all Roulette Wheels are identical. This is just not true. You would have thought this myth would have faded out as it is a well-known fact that some wheels have double zero and single zero on them where as others have just the single zero. Also online wheels are all different sizes and colours. No two things can be identical. As the game has evolved, especially onto the Internet, some people are spreading that every spin is not random. This yet again is not true; no one spin can influence the next. The number 5 could come up three times in a row or it could not come up at all. There is no way of telling, and the ball and wheel have no way of resulting in a pre-thought number or colour. It is a game of chance, nothing more.

The same thing applies to roulette systems. Some players believe certain systems will help them walk away with more money. This may be the case, but it will be down to their luck rather than the system they are playing with. A winning roulette player and a good roulette player are not necessarily the same thing.The last myth is Roulette money management. This only works to help you cut your losses rather than up your winnings, It will help you know when to stop and beat that gambling bug. But it will not help you win. You can be clever and walk away after a lucky streak and reap the advantages, but that is hard to do as you always think ‘what if I could win a little more?’Myths are to be ignored. Play the game and you will soon learn what is fact and what is myth. Enjoy it and do not forget to walk away whilst your ahead!



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